Street foods you must try out


In Nigeria, street food is an essential part of the culture. There is always a street for everyone, regardless of the time of year or location. Nigerian street meals that you simply must taste are going to be mentioned here.

There is nothing that beats the love of street food, which is why street food is very popular in Nigeria. There’s always a street food vendor beside you and anywhere.

Street food to try out in Nigeria

Ewa agoyin

No matter what social class you are from, “ewa agoyin” is the street food that everyone loves and it speaks the loudest about Lagos. To make the food, boil the beans until they are soft and mashable. The mashed beans come with a hot sauce consisting of onions, crayfish, chilli peppers, and bell peppers (tatashe).


In Nigeria, suya is a national meat delicacy that roadside Aboki primarily serve at night. It consists of grilled beef or ram accompanied by cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cucumbers. Suya is commonly served in a newspaper wrapper and is high in vitamins and iron, which support a healthy immune system. It slaps hard when it is served in a newspaper and is served in the night.


The dish known as “African salad,” or “abacha,” is a favourite in eastern Nigeria. It is a mixture of vegetables, including onion, garden egg, and African oil bean seed (also known as “ugba”). It also contains “utazi” leaves. Moreover, it has

proteins from fish, pork, and crayfish.


Plantains have an unequalled range. It can be boiled, fried, or, like in this instance, roasted to make “boli.” One of the rare street meals that has

its own event, the “boli festival,” is boli. The plantain is frequently served with grilled fish, cowskin (ponmo), and a pepper sauce packed with meat.

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