Meal Planning for Busy Professionals: Nourish and Thrive Amidst Chaos!

Life as a busy professional can be chaotic, leaving little time to focus on nutritious meals. However, meal planning holds the key to staying healthy and energized. In this post, we unveil effective strategies to help you conquer your hectic schedule and enjoy delicious, wholesome dishes. 1.            Embrace Prepping: Set aside time on weekends to […]

UNBEATABLE! Bolt Food Expands Service To More Lagos Cities

Bolt Food, has announced its expansion into inner cities in Lagos enlarging its coverage in the state and delivering on its promise to continue providing easier access to daily meals. Bolt Food boasts over 1000 restaurants on its platform since its 2021 launch and its continuous expansion drive which attracts top restaurants across Lagos. The […]

EXCEPTIONAL! Food Concepts Maintains Market Leadership In Consumer Food Service

Food Concepts Plc, a leading multi-brand QSR group, operating three of Nigeria’s most loved brands, Chicken Republic, PieXpress and The Chop Box, has maintained its leadership position in consumer food service. According to a Businessday report, the food services brand has continued to record much success due to the affordability of its offerings and the […]

REMARKABLE! Pick n Pay Achieves 28% Food Waste Reduction, Removes Plastic Barrier Bags From Counters

Supermarket group, Pick n Pay (PnP), has achieved more than half of its volume target of food waste reduction in its operations in the past four years and now working towards reducing food waste by 50% by 2030. PnP environment, social, and governance executive, Vaughan Pierce, said this during an inaugural 1.5 Degrees: A Net […]

SMART Aiguebelle Invests US$7.4 Million In New Production Line

Moroccan chocolate maker, Aiguebelle, has inaugurated a new 75 million dirhams (US$7.4 million) production line that will increase the daily production capacity of the company by 20 tons. The chocolate manufacturing unit of the Omnipar group confirmed the new line has got the latest generation of chocolate, chocolate and sugar, tablet, and bar molding machines. […]

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