Street foods you must try out

In Nigeria, street food is an essential part of the culture. There is always a street for everyone, regardless of the time of year or location. Nigerian street meals that you simply must taste are going to be mentioned here. There is nothing that beats the love of street food, which is why street food […]

Remembering Childhood Snacks: A trip down Memory Lane

How many of you still have memories of those delicious sweets that made our childhoods happier?  Purchasing from the nearby Aboki.Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the classic munchies that made our mouths water and our hearts sing. We didn’t even bother about Pizza or KFC chicken, when we bought these classic snacks we were satisfied. Baba Dudu: The Irresistible Coconut Candy Baba Dudu was more than simply a candy, it was a nostalgic treat we anxiously anticipated as kids. We smiled when we saw Baba Dudu, a delightfully sweet dessert made from cooked coconut milk and formed into round balls. It was a sight to behold and a treat to savour when wrapped in nylon and tied into necklaces. Who could forget the delight of tasting Baba Dudu’s deep coconut  flavour and licking it. Yale Biscuits: A Taste of Nostalgia Yale biscuits, with their crunchy texture and delicious flavours, were a mainstay in every Nigerian home and brought delight at snack time. We couldn’t get enough of the distinct flavours that each biscuit, whether it was Pepper Snack, Coconut, or Speedy, brought. Yale biscuits were a staple of our early childhood recollections, whether they were eaten on their own or used to make cake biscuits. Did you also know? Yale is still in business today, preserving nostalgia for the enjoyment of future generations. Ekana Asa: The Sweet Taste of […]

GTCO Food and Drinks Finale

The GTCO Food and Drinks event concludes today. Tattase TV was happy to be present for the two days and we received positive feedback from fans and audience. The last two days have gone well; praise be to God for making the experience enjoyable for everyone and our audience who attended. Tattase TV is already […]

GTCO Food and Drinks Recap

Day one of the GTCO Food and Drink Festival was a blast. However, if you were unable to attend, do not worry; we have you covered. Our video captures all of the excitement and highlights from the first day of the festival from cuisine to interviews and the rest, you won’t want to miss any of […]

The GTCO Food and Drinks Continues

The GTCO day one was really exciting, and the food was delicious, from the crescent bread to the short and long grain Jollof rice, Donjazzy Burger, shawarma, and the rest of the beverages. If I continue to list them, I’ll probably use around two paragraphs, just kidding. When we initially arrived, we were greeted with the cheerful atmosphere and surroundings. So we just immediately got our tags, brought out the camera equipments and started recording. We can’t wait to show you the fantastic experience we captured and the humorous interviews; you’re guaranteed to chuckle. Below is a video of an entrance into the hall. Below is also another video of an inside view of the GTCO Foods and […]

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