Experience the Freshness of Nigerian cuisine with Afang Soup


The Nigerian Afang Soup, similar to theEdikang Ikong Soup, is indigenous to the Efiks, the people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states in Nigeria, but it is loved by all citizens. It is also incredibly nutritional, as the soup is primarily composed of veggies. Afang Soup is cooked using a generous number of Water leaves and the wild herbs Okazi


The Okazi Soup, which is indigenous to the people of Imo and Abia States in Nigeria, should not be confused with the Afang Soup from Nigeria. Okazi soup is just Nigerian egusi soup made with thinly sliced Okazi leaves, whereas Afang soup is essentially made with vegetables.

Ingredients for Afang Soup

400g sliced Okazi/Afang leaves | about 4


250g Water leaves

20 to 25 cl red palm oil (about 1 drink glass)

Beef, Kanda and Dry fish 2 tablespoons ground crayfish

Pepper and salt (to taste)

2 stock cubes

Lamb’s lettuce, sometimes referred to as cannigos in Spanish, is a fantastic substitution for water leaves. Indeed, a lot of palm oil is required.

How to prepare Afang Soup

You must first wash and boil your meat or fish before you can begin to prepare Afang soup. Next, incorporate your dry fish and stockfish into the pot. Add your palm oil after that and let it get heated. Then add your blended waterleaf and Afang leaves, and any additional veggies you like.

Simmer it for ten to fifteen minutes. Once you’ve added salt, crayfish, and other seasonings to taste, your Afang soup is prepared for serving.

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