Savor the Flavors at Nigeria Soup Fest on May 19th for a Culinary Delight


Enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience at the Nigerian Soup Fest. Join Tattase TV on May 19, 2024 at the exciting Fidelity Bank Ground near Palms Shopping Center, Victoria Island, Lagos. At this amazing event, you’ll get to taste a variety of delicious Nigerian soups, each packed with unique spices and flavours.

From egusi soup to pepper soup, there is going to be a soup for every taste. Sample soups from different locations, each with a unique twist, as you explore Nigeria’s diverse culinary traditions  with Tattase TV. All these and lot more will be  available at the Nigerian Soup Fest.

Nigeria Soup Fest is going to be a must-see event for your taste buds. Experience and taste Nigerian culture with 111 soup pots. Gain all at the Nigeria Soup Fest tasting 11 Soup, insight into the cultures of 36 states, knowledge of landmarks across Nigeria.

Set reminder for the Nigerian Soup Fest which will be a memorable culinary experience. Don’t miss  this deal celebration of Nigerian cuisine. Come out and experience the wonderful soups of Nigeria and have a taste of them on May 19th at 11am at Fidelity Bank Ground, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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