Unfolding of the Food and Beverage West Africa exhibition 2024


It is important to take advantage of the fantastic opportunity offered by the yearly exposition of food items and related products, such as high-tech food equipment, which is attended by distributors, retailers, procurement managers, and buyers. Over the years, it has increased in value and impact for the businesses that have benefited from it, adding value to their goods, processes, and services. It is hosted by BtoB Events Ltd. One should not undervalue the networking opportunities that are provided annually between and among several of the on-onsite companies.

Interestingly, this year’s event, which is set for June 11-13, will give over 300 food and beverage vendors from all over the world a chance to network with West African business partners.

With over 50 enterprises from five continents, it will be the greatest gathering of food entrepreneurs in Africa ever. Those from the USA, UAE, China, Turkey, India, Egypt, and Pakistan are prominent among them.

The exhibition’s first pavilion for more than 30 Chinese food and beverage providers and companies, as well as the return of pavilions from Dubai, Turkey, and Pakistan, make it even more special. Globally renowned businesses like Danfond, Meridyen, AAFUD, Creamella, Palmary, Caprice, Simple, Mamadoc, Pakmaya Veres, and WISE Trading Company are among those taking part in the 2024 edition. The others are MAMEE, Tokura, Sun Mark, YEH GS (UK) Ltd, NOSTRA, SPIRE, CHIKO MIKO, and CHIKAS Taste the Joy.

Confectioneries, alcohol and spirits, snacks, sweets, and cool, non-alcoholic beverages will all be made accessible and, of course, reasonably priced for purchase. Enough so that the most reliable payment solutions provider in Africa, SeerBit, has agreed to support the lanyard officially and will, as a result, ease the process of payments between buyers and sellers.

The collaboration between SeerBit and the BtoB host, led by Managing Director Jamic Hill, highlights the company’s dedication to expansion and innovation in addition to significant events that take place both inside and outside of Africa being a pan-African financial powerhouse that helps businesses grow throughout the continent by offering easy payment solutions to an increasing number of customers, its attendance at the 2024 edition is anticipated to have a profound impact on all parties involved.

Additionally, the F and B West Africa Exhibition, which is put on by BtoB Events Ltd., the proud owner of the largest trade show portfolio in West Africa, ought 2 take note of the lessons from previous editions. For example, one might remember that the COVID-19 pandemic caused the 2020 version to be delayed.

However, when returning in 2021, the main goal was to unite the major stakeholders in Nigeria’s food and beverage industry together under one roof in order to showcase it to the world.

Furthermore, strict safety and hygienic measures were implemented in conjunction with health-promoting policies to effectively curb the virus’s spread. Since then, the festival has continued to develop and get bigger.

Over 5,000 participants and business partners from throughout Africa were registered for the 2023 edition, while over 250 exhibitors showcased their products. This year’s event will be “your only opportunity to access the key decision makers across the thriving African food and beverage industry.

Therefore, if you are involved in any food-related enterprises, you are humbly urged to promote them as well, given the many advantages that come with doing so. In a same vein, it will help you elevate your business to a new level as you present and display them to the world.

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