Doing Extraordinarily In The Food, Beverage And Agric Space? We are your HYPEMAN!!!

Doing Extraordinarily In The Food, Beverage And Agric Space? We’re Your HYPEMAN!!!


The prevailing narrative about Africa is one of hunger and poverty whereas it is globally accepted that Africa is a continent that is rich in food and other mineral resources.

The irony is the prevalent poverty on the continent and especially the famines. Why should a continent so rich in food be hungry? Or is it just under-reportage of our own efforts?

Africa shouldn’t be a hungry or dependent continent. Another irony is the paucity of great cuisines from the continent; why should a continent so blessed with a vibrant food culture, diverse cuisines, be known for only a few dishes?

Phew! These questions continue to shoot up like a meteor.

Most definitely these narrative needs to change…enter Tattase TV…a taste of Africa. We are here to curate and showcase the very best of African food culture, the myriad cuisines from around the continent and much more.

Tattasetv features content for all levels of cooks and foodies. In addition to recipes and cooking tips, we regularly report on industry trends and news.

Now tell us. What do you bring to the table? Are you a maverick in the food, beverage and agric space? 

Hop on! We are your HYPEMAN!!

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