Unlocking Africa’s Agricultural Potential: A Call to Action


African Development Bank Group Managing Director Dr. Akinwumi Adesina has called for strong concerted efforts to harness Africa’s huge agricultural potential. At the World Economic Forum’s Food and Water for All panel discussion in Riyadh, Adesina emphasized the imperative need for government, business and civil society to work together to revolutionize agricultural production across the continent. Africa can feed itself and play an important role in promoting global food security with the right investment and legal framework.

Adesina emphasized the importance of infrastructure spending, estimating that Africa needs to invest about $78 billion to reach its full agricultural potential by 2050. Recognizing the key role of the private sector in this endeavour, he also stressed the importance of well-run government regulatory agencies to ensure inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Africa can significantly increase agricultural sustainability and production by harnessing its abundant water resources and implementing cutting-edge irrigation techniques, especially those powered by artificial intelligence.

Adesina also underlined the significance of small-scale farmers to the advancement of agriculture in Africa. Even as he promoted industrialization and large-scale farming, he highlighted the importance of remembering that millions of smallholder farmers were the backbone of the rural economy. By making targeted investments in technologies and crop varieties that are adaptable to climate change, together with offering assistance to smallholder farmers, Africa can fulfil its promise as a worldwide leader in agriculture.

Let’s answer Adesina’s call and collaborate to construct a more profitable and sustainable future for Africa’s agriculture industry as we commemorate World Workers’ Day. Here at Tattas TV, we believe that creativity and teamwork can lead to positive change. Come together with us as we assist African farmers and unleash the agricultural potential of the continent for the good of all.

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