Chinese Supermarket in Abuja Sealed for Alleged Discriminatory Practices

In response to allegations of discrimination against Nigerians, the Federal Competition and Consumer Commission,FCCPC, has recently taken strong action against a Chinese supermarket in Abuja. Following the controversial policy of limiting access to only Chinese nationals and prohibiting Nigerians from patronizing an establishment, a supermarket in Abuja’s general business district has come under fire. FCCPC […]

John Idani Upah Inducted into Tourism Top 100 Club

At the illustrious 10th Wonders of Nigeria event on Saturday, held at the historic National Museum in Onikan, Lagos, Tattase TV was delighted to announce and celebrate the incredible achievement of our esteemed CEO, John Idani Upah. This momentous occasion marked a significant milestone in his career and contributions to the tourism industry. John Idani Upah was inducted into the esteemed Tourism Top 100 club. Leaders in the industry, dignitaries, and enthusiasts came together to celebrate and honour the remarkable people who have shaped Nigeria’s tourism scene, creating an electrifying atmosphere. John Idani Upah was one of them; he was distinguished by his exceptional vision, leadership, and commitment to advancing Nigeria’s rich cultural legacy and tourism. Mr. John Idani Upah, the CEO of Tattase TV, has shown an unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for developing tourism in Nigeria. In addition to improving Tattase TV, his creative approaches, ceaseless work ethic, and unflinching resolve have aided in the expansion and advancement of the tourism industry as a whole. Being accepted into the Tourism Top 100 club is evidence of John Idani Upah’s visionary approach and excellent leadership. It is a well-earned acknowledgment of his noteworthy accomplishments to the field as well as his function in promoting innovation and constructive development. We at Tattase TV would like to congratulate Mr John Idani Upah, our CEO, on this outstanding accomplishment. His commitment, tenacity, and unwavering quest of perfection are an inspiration to all of us. Having him as our CEO fills us with great pride, and we eagerly anticipate seeing his achievements and influence in the travel industry grow. We also thank Akwaaba African Travel Market, Nihotour Lagos, ATQ News, and all the organisers and supporters of the 10th Wonders of Nigeria event for giving us a stage on which to recognise and celebrate the finest and brightest in the industry. For more information follow our pages:

Exciting News: FAB West Africa 2024 Set to Be the Biggest Event Yet

This year’s Food & Beverage West Africa trade exhibition, also known as FAB West Africa, is set to be the largest edition yet, with over 300 exhibitors from around the world. This event promises to be an exceptional showcase of innovation and opportunity in the food industry, taking place from June 11th to 13th at the Landmark Centre on Victoria Island in Lagos. FAB West Africa 2024 is not to be missed. Discover the Best of Global Food and Beverage Innovation Spotlight on Local Entrepreneurs: In addition to its worldwide presence, FAB West Africa 2024 will highlight Nigerian F&B businesses through a dedicated SME Zone showcasing over 40 local exhibitors. This will emphasise the necessity of supporting local firms and encouraging growth in the Nigerian food industry. Unveiling Exciting New Products Prepare to be among the first to experience new products being introduced into Nigeria, ranging from confectionery and snacks to FMCG from around the world, alcohol, energy drinks, coffee and tea, sauces, spices, condiments, meat and poultry, rice, machinery, packaging, and equipment. A Hub for Business Deals At the 2023 event, 89% of guests successfully found new suppliers, establishing FAB West Africa as the region’s best platform for business partnerships. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with important decision-makers from across the African food and beverage industry, making this a tremendous networking opportunity. Brad Smith, Exhibition Manager, is excited about this year’s event: “We bring the global food and beverage industry to West Africa, with exhibitors from over 40 countries worldwide.” This is the sole opportunity for firms throughout the world to meet important decision-makers from the African food and beverage industry. Join us for an amazing event at FAB West Africa 2024. “This event will provide unparalleled opportunities for networking, discovery, and business growth.” How to Participate For additional information on exhibitor packages and registration, please visit the FAB West Africa 2024 website. Secure your spot today and take part in West Africa’s largest food fair. Follow our pages for more informations

 Exploring Nestlé Maggi Nigeria: An Icon in African Cuisine

Nestlé Maggi Nigeria exemplifies the diverse flavours and culinary traditions that make up African cuisine. As one of the continent’s most popular food products, Maggi has become synonymous with improving the flavour and scent of various foods, from stews to soups.  Embracing Tradition and Innovation Nestlé Maggi Nigeria’s success is rooted on a deep appreciation for Africa’s rich culinary heritage. Drawing inspiration from local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, Maggi has constantly updated its product lines to accommodate the changing tastes and preferences of people across the continent. A Taste of Authenticity What distinguishes […]

Celebrating Nigeria’s Culinary Heritage: NIHOTOUR Gastronomy Festival 2024

Let us get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other as the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) presents the much-anticipated Gastronomy Festival 2024 set against the backdrop of Abuja’s cultural landscape, this year’s festival promises to be a celebration of sustainable gastronomy and Nigerian tourism development. Mark your calendars for […]

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