GTCO Food and Drinks Finale

The GTCO Food and Drinks event concludes today. Tattase TV was happy to be present for the two days and we received positive feedback from fans and audience. The last two days have gone well; praise be to God for making the experience enjoyable for everyone and our audience who attended. Tattase TV is already […]

GTCO Food and Drinks Recap

Day one of the GTCO Food and Drink Festival was a blast. However, if you were unable to attend, do not worry; we have you covered. Our video captures all of the excitement and highlights from the first day of the festival from cuisine to interviews and the rest, you won’t want to miss any of […]

The GTCO Food and Drinks Continues

The GTCO day one was really exciting, and the food was delicious, from the crescent bread to the short and long grain Jollof rice, Donjazzy Burger, shawarma, and the rest of the beverages. If I continue to list them, I’ll probably use around two paragraphs, just kidding. When we initially arrived, we were greeted with the cheerful atmosphere and surroundings. So we just immediately got our tags, brought out the camera equipments and started recording. We can’t wait to show you the fantastic experience we captured and the humorous interviews; you’re guaranteed to chuckle. Below is a video of an entrance into the hall. Below is also another video of an inside view of the GTCO Foods and […]

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