It is globally accepted that Africa is a continent that is rich in food and other mineral resources despite the prevailing narrative about Africa as one of hunger and poverty. The irony is the prevalent poverty on the continent especially famine in many parts. Why would a continent so rich in food be hungry? Africa isn’t or shouldn’t be a hungry or dependent continent. Another irony is the paucity of great cuisines from the continent; why should a continent so blessed with vibrant food cultures and diverse cuisines be known for only a few dishes? Most definitely this narrative needs to change…enter Tattase TV…a taste of Africa. We are here to unveil, curate and showcase the very best of the African food culture; the myriad cuisines from around the continent and much more.  
Tattase, spelt in varied ways, is the popular name for a specie of African chilli pepper and or spice and it is native to Africa. Very popular in Nigeria, this is the reason for the choice of the name Tattase… It is local, ethnic and native to us. It hits home at once.  
Tattase TV is out on a mission to disabuse the minds of Africans and the world about hunger. It is designed to promote the richness of the African food culture. Our mission is to showcase similarities between food cultures on the continent. We are a food brand saddled with promoting African food, food brand and lifestyle to the world while having fun at it. We have created a digital platform that caters to the culinary needs of food lovers across the world; building a new lifestyle across different food cultures.
Our vision is to be the leading source of information on African food. We aim to search, find and promote new emerging food products on the Nigerian and African Market, and encourage adoption and consumption of these products as against imports from Europe and the rest of the world. We also intend to throw up new ways of enjoying African recipes. Develop African food market, share values, put African cuisines, food brands, cuisines on the world food maps. Our vision is to create uniquely African cuisines and or promote those cuisines and food brands unique to Africa that can travel across Africa and the world at large…that can travel across African borders and the diaspora. Our vision is to help create self-sufficiency in food and the security of Africa.  


Tattase TV is the defifinitive Afrocentric digital multimedia, food and lifestyle Platform  dedicated to the promotion of African food cultures, cuisines, menus, recipes, packaged food brands and Food tourism across the African continent and the world at large which allows Africans, others to share, learn food recipes from across the continent and learn about food products and services and packaging with the aim of feeding the African food court and market. Tattase TV is here to carve a niche for the Nigerian and African food industry by showcasing the best of our traditional meals, its benefifits, nutrition wise and how it has the potential to be embraced by the rest of the world. Tattase TV is not just a television show but a shi in the cultural and lifestyle paradigm of African cuisine and what it stands for. African delicacies are a solid trademark of what it means to be Nigerian, to be African. Tattase TV is here to make it known. The original African food platform.  


Our Team

Adetokunbo Akinwale
Chief Operating Officer Tokunbo, a hospitality expert and media personality leads our team. Experienced as a consultant to a number of hospitality and event businesses, her wealth of both worlds is of  immense value.    
Kingsley Momoh
Head, Presentation/Digital Media A Journalist, TV Producer, Presenter and Writer with over two decades of experience working in various capacities in both the electronic and print  media. His expertise and professionalism has made him sought after and we are glad to have him.    
Niyi Jacobs
Head Of Programmes Seasoned in all aspects of  Media production, who is better suited to head our Programs unit. Niyi is a  Mass Communications expert. His immense knowledge of production is mirrored across our shows.    
Richard Nnabugwu
Head, Content/Engagement Richard, is an experienced Cinematographer, Editor and Content creator/Manager with extensive industry experience with proven success in cinematography and television production.  
Stephen Awosoji
I.T Analyst Stephen is an information technology enthusiast with years of experience in web development, information analysis, graphics and digital marketing.  
Damilola Davies
Head, Brand Services Damilola is responsible for how beautiful we look. He is versatile with a creative mind most people would kill for. Dami’s touch is not just professional but also screams passion. He wouldn't stop until he attains perfection.  
Temilorun George
Presenter A skilled presenter, an English language major with a passion for media, entertainment and food. She also has proven success in Television production with a unique style of presenting which often makes her audience feel comfortable.  
Emmanuel James
Presenter Emmanuel is a creative producer and presenter armed with multiple skills in media production across different genres. He is interested in impacting and influencing young minds, building a generation of mentally equipped youths through media.    
Ifeoma Chukwuemeka
Marketing & Sales Executive Ify is a versatile, analytical and hardworking professional with practical hands on approach to achieve results. Give her 3mins and Ifeoma would convince anyone about anything.