Breakfast Africa

Wake up to an exciting time on television and share your meals via videos with us. The best of those videos gets selected and paid for and the materials will be used. Win a breakfast anywhere. This is the show to boost your day.

Lunch Africa

What are you having for lunch? Share pictures and videos with us. Let’s chat the break time away with good music, food, and much more. Let’s have a peek at what your favourite artiste is taking for lunch and what the trend is right now!

Dinner Africa

So many things happen at night that puts it in a class of its own. The lights come on and a new life is birthed. Let us share a bottle or two with great music and food running through the system. Night music, discussions and fun is top-notch.


Muna Kwarya

Arewa, are you ready?? Maggi brings you a new and exciting cooking show called MUNA KWARYA. Stay tuned and dont miss out on this show.


Yelo Peppe

Yelo Pèppè, a hot, sizzling and spicy drama series which unfolds the intrigue, drama and passion in the lives of Five women.

Usewku Igbo

Get to appreciate food from the East on this show that takes you through exciting and uncommon recipes presented in Igbo Language.

Bakes and Cakes

The baking and caking industry in Nigeria is mature. IN this show, we shall feature leaders and people doing unique things in the Baking industry, companies, products all related to this sector.

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Bukas & Joints

A show you don’t want to miss. Join Olisa Adibua as he take you on a tour around restuarants in Lagos and environs making your mouth salivate with unbelievable menus you’ve never seen before.

Food Fairs Africa

The best Food events and fairs around Africa. Detailed coverage and partnerships. Find out about all the events and promotional activities happening worldwide in the World of Food on Food Fair Africa Show